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QStand – Seminar in France

QStand – Seminar in France

Venue: Saint-Denis, d’Anjou, France.

Date: 2-10 September, 2016.

Countries: Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Turkey, Macedonia, Italy, France.

The seminar’s main aim is to inspire organisations to review their own internal process of quality assurance in order to propose and implement better intercultural projects. (Opširnije)

#healthylifestyle - A Three-part Youth Exchange in Romania

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“Active Outdoors & Sports” is the first Youth Exchange in the three-part “Healthy Lifestyle” project with our partners Synergy Romania. The theme is “how to live healthy, active and fresh”, being comprised of three main topics: positive thinking, healthy diets and outdoor physical activities.

Date: 22-28 August.

Venue: Iasi, Romania.

Countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania. (Opširnije)

“CORE 2 – Challenging Europe”

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“CORE 2 – Challenging Europe” is the further step after a TC called CORE which was organised by our Hungarian partner Magyar Onkenteskuldo Alapitvany (HVSF) on the topic of Conflict Resolution.

TOPICS: CORE 2 will go to explore the situation on migrants and xenophoby in the different countries (fears, stereotypes,..) and will promote Youthwork and NFE as tools and methods to fight the raising attitude to racism, xenophoby and exclusion in order to spread an European culture of peace among the new generations.

DATE: 13th- 20th September 2016

VENUE: Vinci, (Tuscany)- Italy

PARTNER COMPOSITION: 7 partners: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.

PARTICIPANTS PROFILE AND NUMBER: Youth workers, Youth leaders, Trainers, Educators, Responsibles of Organisations. Requested 3 motivated persons from each organisation

Please apply via following e-mail: synergy@synergy-croatia.com

Info letter (Opširnije)