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EVS │ El Hacedor, La Aldea del Portillo de Busto (Burgos), Spain │ Imágenes y Palabras

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Syncro - Synergy Croatia is looking for 2 Volunteers from Croatia 🇭🇷 for EU funded EVS.

💡 EVS with Imágenes y Palabras, cultural association

😃 Who? Volunteers, from 18 to 30 years old, ready to live in rural areas, creative, and con enthusiasm to work, live and create collectively

🌍 Where? El Hacedor, La Aldea del Portillo de Busto (Burgos) Spain

📅 When? March to September 2019

⏳ Deadline for applications! 21 of January 2019

✈️Travel costs are reimbursed up to 275EUR!

💶 Accommodation, food and pocket money are covered by European Union!

Project Description:

The principal activity of this project is group creation.

The cultural association Imágenes y Palabras, in permanent search of cultural activity and diversity in the rural areas of northern Spain, uses the cultural action as a method and a tool to fight against depopulation of small villages. The association has been active in the region, in the field of arts and culture, over the past 20 years. For the coming year we launch the following project:

The creation of a cross-generational, multidisciplinary and intercultural group work of art in rural area.

Summarizing, the idea is to create a context whereby we facilitate participants of the diverse activities we propose, to reach a direct collaboration in the creation process. The groups with which we work are very diverse: school-children, old people from surrounding villages, artists in residence, young people who come for holidays and even volunteers together with tutors and coordinators of the organization.

For each target group we will adapt methods of work and formats to use in creationprocesses. We cover a wide range of artistic disciplines: sculptural and pictorial arts, theatre, writing and also construction and landart interventions.

We wish to organize this activity with the helpof international volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps to enrich the experience on a cultural, artistical and linguistical level. The volunteers will work, next to the coordinators, in all phases of the organization to come to a satisfactorily result.

At the same time we will work in and around “El Hacedor”, the base of the association, to maintain the arts gallery, the workshops and the surrounding environment. This work includes the organization of exhibitions (both inside the gallery and in the open air), maintenance of the vegetable garden, planting of aromatics, caring of animals and general conservation of infrastructures.

Although the volunteers apparently have few possibilties to entertain themselves during freetime, we offer an intense leisure program. We introduce volunteers to places “normal tourists” wouldn’t find so easily: small enterprises of the region, geographical jewels and amazing, hidden corners and we impulse a permanent dialogue between volunteers and habitants from the region.

For volunteers with an artistic interest, we invite them to develop their creativity in a personal project. Their creations will be part of, and will increase, the collection of artworks of Imágenes y Palabras.

Volunteers work and live in the base of Imágenes y Palabras, cultural association with residence in a small hamlet in the North of the provinceof Burgos (Spain). The silence of the village and the huge, empty surroundings make coexistence during daily life a very intense experience. Independently of what volunteers learn during work on a practical level,the experience is social and human, is of respect and confidence, appreciation and values. We hope, both volunteers in this project and students from the schools, artists in residence, visitors of El Hacedor and habitants of the villages, with this initiative will understand a little bit better the meaning and the significance of the word “inter-cultural”.

In this project we are searching for 2 volunteers for a period of 6 months (march to october 2019) willing to live and work in an isolated village in Spanish mountains, with interest in artistic creation, in a broad meaning of the word, and ready to live closely together with coodirdnators of the project and other visitors of El Hacedor More information in the infopack:

💡Apply Now! Contact this email:

⏳Deadline for applications – 21st of January 2019

In case you have any questions, contact us at

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