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Syncro - Synergy Croatia is looking for participants from Croatia 🇭🇷 for EU funded Long-term Volunteering project (ESC).

💡 Long-term Volunteering project (ESC) with Luzanky – Centre of Leisure Time (SVC Luzanky)

😃 Who? Participants from Croatia 🇭🇷

🌍 Where? Brno, Czechia 🇨🇿

📅 When? 21st September 2020 - 19th September 2021

⏳ Deadline for applications! 20th May 2020

✈️Travel costs are reimbursed up to 275EUR

💶 Accommodation, food and pocket money are covered by European Union!

❓ To learn more about Erasmus+ visit our website:

Project Description:

What is Louka? Louka is a branch of Lužanky's leisure centers that organize all sorts of free time activities for people living in or near the Vinohrady district in Brno. It is a place where children can spend their time after school by doing something purposeful, where young people do sports and make crafts, where mothers can train with their babies and where families meet. What is Louka's work focused on? Louka specializes in aesthetic, sport and dancing activities. Louka's aim is to provide the whole range of activities for all age groups from toddlers, preschoolers, school children to university students or retirees.

What are you going to do in Louka? As a Louka volunteer, your tasks will be to assist the classes (both afterschool clubs and educational programs for schools in the mornings) as a support teacher, help with the preparation of the public events and help with-preschool kids the kindergarten, and also participate on the camps during the year. Why would we like you to work with us? Because we are searching for a versatile, playful and cheerful person to join us and enrich our team with new and fresh ideas from their country!

💡Apply Now: for the application form, please contact

For more info contact us at

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