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Organisation Argonauta is looking for 4 participants from Croatia for funded Youth Exhange!

💡 Youth-Exchange "YOUTH 4 C"

😃 Who? (4 participants ( 18 - 25 years old )

🌍 Where? Murter, Croatia

📅 When? 7 - 16 of September

⏳ Deadline for applications! 20th of July

✈️Travel costs for Croatians are reimbursed up to 20EUR!

💶 The project is covered by European Union!

❓ To learn more about Erasmus+ visit our website:

Project Description:

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, the oceans hold about 96.5 per- cent of all Earth’s water, and over three billion people de- pend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods. It influences on climate and we- ather, even the quality of the air people breathe, but today oceans are facing significant problems and have been hea- vily affected by human activities, including fishing, coastal de- velopment and pollution from shipping, plastic pollution etc.

Through the various educative, creative, practical workshops and non-formal methods of learning you will practice your presentational, organizational, creative and animation skills, enrich your knowledge on environmental topics, learn how to reduce your footprint on the planet, how to preserve nature. You will listen to positive actions implemented on this topic, learn a lot about different cultures and traditions and practiced tolerance, respect and acceptance.

About the project:


💡Apply Now!

⏳Deadline for applications:– 20th of July 2018

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