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Changing The World From My Neighbourhood


The project aims to create new practice and direction in organising free-time activities in one of Zagreb's neighborhoods (Savica), through intercultural and intergenerational solidarity activities, with special emphasis on kids, youth and elderly population (pensioners).

Throughout the project activities other groups of citizens are involved, such as visitors, members, and staff of the local library and school, as well as staff, members and volunteers of Syncro.

The main aim of the project is to educate neighborhood children about Europe and to encourage European solidarity through a series of non-formal workshops. Besides the activities with the local schools, the project puts emphasis on working with young members of the refugee community, with the intention of helping them to integrate into their adopted country and with European values.

How it works

For the duration of 8 weeks, 10 volunteers from different countries implement intercultural workshops where they present their countries' language, history and culture in the school and library of the Savica neighbourhood, as well as in the refugees' integration centre. The international volunteers are paired with Croatian pensioners who are keen to participate in such activities together with young volunteers. The content of the workshops is based on the topic of interculturality, which allows the local youth to get to know the volunteers and their countries of origin.
Apart from that, volunteers have the opportunity to implement their individual personal projects – a part of this activity that will give the volunteers the opportunity to create something that they have always wanted to do, while being free of charge for the participants and having the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of the local community.



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