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Together for Solidarity was built to support Syncro - Synergy Croatia in creating strategies, managing projects and creating opportunities for local and international youth through European Solidarity Corps. Moreover, through equipping young people participating in this project with specific skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to further their carries in the NGO sector. Particularly with solidarity projects in the scope of youth work.

Through being in an environment of self-development, the participants gained competencies and attitudes linked with self-awareness and mindfulness, long-term aims for the participants to become experts of ESC project managing and more employable, in addition to bring great value to future employers and to live and carry the mission of solidarity to other organisations across Europe.

How it worked

Through this project we carried out two activities; both with one job vacancy lasting for 12 months. The plan was to immerse the participants in our daily working life, making sure they have the big picture over ESC and our inner strategies we have created in the past. This project built up the bases of our future strategies and working styles, significantly improving the reach and impact of the overall project we want to carry out through ESC. Thus, increasing the reach and impact of ESC objective to local, international, National and European level.


I have moved from the Netherlands to Croatia. First as a volunteer on Syncro’s European so
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