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APV & Youth Exchange │ Ommen, The Netherlands │ Oost Indisch Groen

Syncro - Synergy Croatia is looking for 6 participants (1 group leader + 1 participant and 1 group leader + 5 participants) from Croatia 🇭🇷 for EU funded for APV and Youth Exchange.

💡 APV & Youth Exchange with Oost Indisch Groen

😃 Who? Young people between 18 - 28 years, group leader 18+ years (APV group leader and the participant must return to the EY)

🌍 Where? Ommen, The Netherlands 🇳🇱

📅 When? APV - 20th - 21st of October 2018; Youth Exchange 22nd - 29th of November 2018

⏳ Deadline for applications! APV - 21st of September, YE - 3rd of October

✈️Travel costs are reimbursed up to 275 EUR!

💶 Accommodation, Catering and project activities are covered by European Union!

❓ To learn more about Erasmus+ visit our website:

Project Description:

Do you have dreams you would like to achieve in life?

Are you still deciding what you want to make out of your own life?

Would you like to give back to your community through a way that makes you fulfilled?

Would you like to share your dreams with others and have their support into making it


If your answer is yes, then Creative Community is the project for you. It is a project for young people to find out what is entrepreneurship for them and make it happen, while having a special focus on social entrepreneurship and community development.

These are the main topics we will approach:

- What is entrepreneurship?

- Becoming more self-confident - taking initiative and risks

- How do I improve my communication?

- How can I become a better team player?

- How can I create plans for success?

- Giving back to the community

- How to inspire others

For this, you will work and live together, as a sustainable working community.

More information in the infopack:

⏳Deadline for applications – APV - 21st of September, YE - 3rd of October

In case you have any questions, contact us at

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