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EVS in central Spain "Rural is Plural 2018"

Looking for a volunteer from Croatia.

Rural is Plural 2018

Medinaceli, Soria, Spain

2018/06/01 - 2018/09/30

Name of the organization: La Noguera Medinaceli

Description: Our project is based in Medinaceli, a small village in Soria, (central Spain) with a high rate of depopulation that has led to a population density of around 4 people per square kilometer. Specifically our work takes place in Arbujuelo a section of about 60 people in summer in the middle of nature and away from the madding crowd. It is an iconic place from the historical point of view, with a natural set influenced by the hills and valleys of the Jalón river and its tributaries. It is also a big tourist center, as it has great access from the main roads (A2 and A15), that make it a meeting place with high potential. In this context, our work focuses in involving young people (locals and people that comes on a frequent basis) in several activities aimed to provoke a reflection on the local development of the territory of Medinaceli and the future to come. Our activities focus on education in the values of environmental and social sustainability through activities regarding responsible leisure and many others that encourage young people, as the main stakeholder in rural legacy, to get involved and participate in social life , having fun and appreciating local values associated to environmentally sustainable practices. In the environment described , our organization takes part in a platform envolving many local associations, and together with them manage a public space provided by the Council for the implementation of educational and cultural activities.

Tasks: The volunteer will give support to the activities lead by the organization and will have the chance to propose new ones. During her/his stay, will help the organic farm and live in the local community as part of it. She/He will take part in the environmental awareness activities, and will join the alternative leisure, working specially with children and young people. These are some examples of the tasks where the volunteer is expected to get involved:

Helping the reclaiming of disused land to transform it into organic gardens Supporting agro-ecologic workshops and activities Intergenerational activities and working in the local community Environmental awareness activities and activities to preserve the local wisdom alive Helping with organizing and executing bioconstruction workshops Multicultural evenings: gastronomic, literary, film exchanges Liguistic exchanges Arts and creativity activities Erasmus + projects support Alternative and sustainable leisure

Contact details:

Asociación La Noguera Medinaceli Plaza Mayor 16, 42240, Medinaceli, Soria

To apply contact us:

Deadline for applications 25th of January.

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