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Short-term EVS "The Wider Horizon"

Updated: Jan 1, 2018

Looking for 4 Croatian volunteers

The Wider Horizon short-term EVS happens in 2 phases: Wider Horizon I: 27th February – 28th April 2018 (2 months), looking for 2 Volunteers from Croatia. Wider Horizon II: 1st May – 30th June 2018 (2 months), looking for other 2 Volunteers from Croatia.

Aim of the project is to give the young participants an opportunity to increase their independence and ability to take action, and thus create new opportunities in their personal and professional life. The program is specifically targeted at individuals from vulnerable social groups and individuals who usually have no opportunity to participate in an

Erasmus+ program: • Special needs • Educational difficulties • Economic obstacles • Cultural differences • Health problems • Geographical obstacles • Social obstacles:

Take a look to the infopack at this link:

and if you are interested to apply fill in the application form a this link:

For further information, contact:

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