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Training Course in Germany "BiTriMulti (BTM)"

Looking for participants from Croatia

BiTriMulti (BTM) - Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges


2018/04/24 - 2018/04/28

Name of the organization: National Agency JUGEND für Europa


The BiTriMulti training supports voluntary as well as full-time youth workers dealing directly with young people in developing their first international Youth Exchange in the framework of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

The aim of the BTM training course is to offer an international learning experience to practitioners active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects.

Objectives of BTM: - To provide an informed introduction to the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme, focusing on Youth Exchanges and their capacity to enhance young people’s active engagement in the making of Europe (though not exclusively) for newcomers to the programme; - To offer an individual and group learning experience through a simulated process on setting up a Youth Exchange project; - To develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to organise a Youth Exchange, based on the non-formal learning practice, principles, and quality standards of the EU youth programmes; - To enable participants to reflect on their learning and to familiarise themselves with Youthpass – the strategy on the recognition of non-formal learning in the youth field, its technical tool to produce Youthpass Certificates, and its application in Youth Exchanges in particular and the EU youth programmes in general; - To offer the opportunity to meet possible partner groups and to make contacts in other countries.

Programme: The BTM training is a learning-by-doing experience, built on a simulation exercise which is interspersed with workshops, info sessions, activities to improve the group dynamics, and ends with an evaluation.

The Network of National Agencies for Erasmus+: Youth in Action organises a series of BTMs each year.

Infopack available here:

To apply contact us:

Deadline for applications 25th of February.

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