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Training for Trainers "New Context", 10-16 January 2018, Ommen, The Netherlands.

Updated: Dec 14, 2017

Call for 2 Croatian participants.

The goal of the training is to support people that are already working for/in your organisation as trainer/facilitator/educator to a new level of craft(wo)menship performing this role.

Target Group: This training is for people who already performed several trainings, workshops or educational courses. It is an advanced training for trainers. The main points of the training are: • Workshop conceptualising the trainings need • Project planning • Group dynamics - how to work with a checklist of observation and interventions • How to create a training module • Trainership and how the relationship is carrying the content • How to create context so learning will happen • Handling different forms (12) of resistance to change • How to handle feedback that you get as a trainer • How to create context with language • Positioning as a training, during the training • Designing programs and work forms • Working with non-verbal communication • Team coaching and trainership, what to use when • The art of instruction giving • Training programme design - the plan and the reality • Training as learning process or delivering content information • How to build up a training program

If you are interested to apply, fill in the application form: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdocs.google.com%2Fforms%2Fd%2Fe%2F1FAIpQLSezC-ta1sBsdfcvrHV9jBqfPHJRuBR4WNBOqq0opArNpArFwQ%2Fviewform&h=ATMs3R9hZR947iO66RWQipzH2VwfSs_itaTKGJDwG2Nr5cbcDlll8QBNChOrzl0kXmocQg_zgBrMXWfYGyt6I4T9moOi5-H15MLHnXWqBqW69Z9Zyge-odfFEAfvSDuqiqvea_LG12icyWDc5gM0gkVk_KHxd7x-L_Ia7KRh7WA7gcta8ca_ID2oAcQmaXEyD4v9xffXbvL1C_vUjY8kYkoFQ-H1xfrU0ahZGKIU_C_rwzJfwItGylGDtl2ogCOZn-p4lIAZytXmyTf5ldYhHokD4DEQ_EyGESL3KzsZ

For further information contact: synergy@synergy-croatia.com

The training is funded by ERASMUS+

Deadline for applications: 23rd November 2017.

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