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Youth exchange│ Adamov, Czech Republic│ Brno Connected

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Syncro - Synergy Croatia is looking for 5 participants (4 + 1 youth leader) from Croatia for EU funded youth exchange activity.

Youth-Exchange in Brno Connected

- Who? 18 - 30 years old (there is one place for a group leader who can be older

than 30)

- Where? Adamov, Czech Republic

- When? 3rd October 2018 – 14th October 2018

- Deadline for applications! 2nd of August

- Travel costs are reimbursed up to 180 EUR!

- Accommodation, Catering and project activities are covered by European Union!

❓ To learn more about Erasmus+ visit our website:


Project Description:

This is a ten-day youth programme that offers you space to explore your uniqueness and your own identity, space to grow it, to gain trust in it, and to celebrate it, daring to show who you are.

It is for those who want to take a next step and get rid of patterns and roles that are not working, creating freedom of their own expression. Beside that you will also have space to practice your skills of leadership, creativity, imagination, communication, cooperation, planning and organization.

This programme is for you if:

- you resonate with the previous statements

- you are officially resident of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece,

Romania, Bulgaria or Italy

- you are 18 - 30 years old (there is one place for a group leader who can be older

than 30)

- you are challenged by having educational difficulties, unemployment or economical

unstability, feel isolated coming from a remote area or being a minority of ethnicity,

migration, sexuality, or any other, or you are challenged by other people around you

(judgements and actions from the side of family, peers, bullies, partner, etc.) - you

will have a priority in this programme

- you are able to work in English

- you are highly motivated and willing to actively participate during an intensive 8-

10 hours daily programme full of experiences, throughout the whole project

- you are willing to live, learn, play, reflect, experiment and explore in a multicultural


More information in the info pack:

- Deadline for applications – 2nd of August 2018

In case you have any questions, contact us at or

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